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Elasya is a talented and artistic teenager who five years ago at the age of 9 years old started Elasya B's Candy Tree with the help of her parents. The dream began at an event for her elementary school which is where she sold her first candy apple. In a short amount of time she began getting requests for her candy apples. Originally the apples were only in 3 different flavors but still had an amazing taste due to the fresh apples along with the homemade flavors coating them. In 2012 when she opened  her first store Elasya and her parents added many other treats such as cotton candy, caramel turtles, and a variety of loose candy including old school favorites from the 1970's. 1980's and 1990's. ‚ÄčOver the years Elasya B's Candy Tree has become famous for more than just Candy Apples. We have recently added original homemade pretzel treats, marshmallow treats, a signature line of hard candy, and an amazingly delicious variety of original cupcakes. Now Elasya B's Candy Tree has over 50 different types of apples, other homemade treats, and signature flavors.

Not only is Elasya a young entrepreneur but she also loves singing and acting. She is involved in cheerleading, gymnastics, theater programs, and is looking to expand the Elasya B brand.